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16 April, 2017
Updated the Amateur Radio (NJ0W) page for 2017 info.

NJ0W/W6S QSL Card Update: as of 26 October, all 2017 W6S Route 66 on the Air QSL cards are in the mail. A few earlier year cards are still in the queue. I have a couple NJ0W 6m cards left to answer as I had to do another print run for certain locations (all 6m cards have custom backs to avoid ARRL confirmation issues). All cards should be answered by the end of October.

I am working (admittedly slowly) to update the 360 Panoramas on the site from QTVR to HTML5 format so they will display properly again. Due to the large number of panoramas and the convoluted architectural changes required to relink them, this will be a long-term project. I will post notices as sections are updated.



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