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8/17/2020 - W6SRoute 66 On The Air QSL Cards
I will be operating the W6S call solo this year from (hopefully) a different spot along AZ Route 66 East of Flagstaff. I am not configured for mobile operation yet so will be setting portable. Takes longer but an inverted V wire antenna is better than a screwdriver but has the downside of extended set-up and take-down time. Northern AZ is prone to continual scattered thunderstorms in September too so dodging activity will be difficult.

8/17/2020 - NJ0W QSL Cards
I am still answering QSL card requests for past activity. Please be aware that I do batch process cards so it may be a while from when I get a request until a reply is received. If you want to confirm that I have received a request, please send an eMail inquery before sending another request.

6/1/18 - Been adding VR Panoramas to the New Panos page.
I've started processing the many panoramas (200+) that I've taken over the
years but never finished. They are being added to the New Panoramas page
every couple of days as I finish them. I'll be moving them to their sorted
by subject locations as the page gets too long.

2/20/18 - Added VR Panorama to Route 66 AZ East Page
Added Shaffer Fish Bowl Spring pano to AZ Route 66 East Page.
Also started new page that just features new content.

2/4/18 - QuickTimeVR to HTML5 Conversion is Complete
All 450 (+/-) QTVR panoramas have been converted to the html5 format and uploaded to the server. Internal site relinking is also completed and uploaded. PROJECT IS COMPLETE!
The next phase is to add all the photos and panoramas that have been taken since QTVR became non-functional a few years ago.


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